ECTOPIC PREGGY - real life story

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tahun 2009 merupakan thn yg paling mencabar for me n hubby kerana kami diuji dgn dugaan kesihatan. Just to share my  unforgottable life threathening experience me undergone an emergency ectopic pregnancy. My brief medical reproductive history:
Jan 2007 - gave birth thru ceasarean coz baby 3.8kg n uri bwh, then planted iud (prevention for conception til Apr 2009)

Oct 2009 - upt +(ve) check n scan baby 7 weeks but no heartbeat. Then undergone d&c (clear ovari), but lab test no product of conception i.e. no baby. org kate kandungan anggur, merely blood shld scan early though. Then on mc 2 wks pantang cam org bersalin except no baby :(

Nov 2009 - went for several fup check up, scanned no trace, tested upt still +(ve) and beta HCG >5000 (but in reducing trend), no andominal pain etc just bleeding that i though period 2x per month on oct n nov 09. Really puzzled me and hubby, but had to put on hold till complete exam on early dec 09, luckily im not passed out during the exam!.

Dec 2009 - time to shopping for docs for 2/3 opinion and lastly i was referred to public hospital nearby my home. Then got warded for emergency operation, the same day i went for check up by myself (hubby working)- so puzzled, scared, blur etc, then i requested to go back home to prepare my things coz all wards were fully occupied. Then the nurses/docs called, harshly asking me to get warded and threathening me with police etc (what the hack!) due to minor miscommunication they assumed me went off for the oprtn huhu funny. Act it's their normal procedure to ensure all patients under their custodian in good care esp the emergency one. After all the hanky-panky day, eventually i undergone oprtn 1 day after coz in stable/normal condition. Docs had diagnosed me with left unruptured tubal/ectopic preggy, so no choice had to remove 1 tiub folo swollen 5cm thru laparosopic - tebuk 3 lubang kt perut n put in camera & tools, so minor injury (the optn theater so damn cold). Soon, i realized why the doc had classified me under emergency coz the thing can ruptured anytime that cld caused severe bleeding complication and eventually can caused death! (Syukur kpd Allah kerana hambamu ini masih bernyawa didunia ini). Then discharged from hospital and now mc another 2 wks, resume confinement lg so got ample time to blog!! The most importantly, doc assured that i still got chance to preggy coz i still have another 1 folo tiub, but need a long rest almost 6 months and constantly fup check up for any abnormal cases. Pls pray for me pal to get preggy back, coz sian dira asyik nak baby je..then joking to my hubby now dah oku/cacat, abg nak cari lain ke ;)

Thereafter, i start searching and searching to explore abt the ectopic preggy. The findings i'll show in my next posting...

Note: During my so called confinment, i constantly consume DCL products i.e. amazing (madu), q-she (wanita), bidadari (wanita), red guara cafe (kopi) dan inte cleanse (usus) utk merawat luka pembedahan, menyembuhkan rahim, memelihara kesihatan dalaman wanita and of course utk berdiet. Try my very best to get back into shape to my ideal weight (berat 4 kahwin-51kg (maintain cun), after kahwin-55kg (biasala senang hati), time preggy-80kg, after deliver/now-68kg contant! huhu) so part of biggest looser asia to reduce at least 15kg and taken care off my tummy yg buncit ni due to ceasarkan. Though job ahead, azam baru 2010! Keep you update for my transformation progress...real life testimoni ni ;p