Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Property Powerpack (Malay and English version) by renowned personal finance tycoon in Malaysia Azizi Ali. Worthwhile to buy as an investment in knowledge to brush up one's personal finance skills, and thus gain tax savings for purchase of publication! Me, eagerly planning to get such books for my own collection. As of 2009, me and my hubby already owned 2 houses (1 rented due for refinancing and 1 under contruction, to complete by mid 2010) then planning to built another 2 houses at my hubby's hometown, later to be rented out also i.e. actually the rental income settle the mortgage instalment.  It's a bit complicated though, but once you understand the tips and tricks, the theory and application looks so easy n simple. Once i get hold of the books, i'll try to summarise it to you guys!
  1. How to become a Millionaire Landlord
  2. How to become a Property millionaire
  3. Winning at Property Auctions
  4. How to pay Off Your House Loan in 5 yrs or less
  5. Bonus ebook - How I Made Millions by Applying Lessons Learnt From Tun Daim
English pack : rm139 (after less 23% disc)
Malay pack : rm115 (after less 23% disc)

Note: The books can be purchased @ (I'm just sharing the info coz sharing is caring!). Also check out other exciting books in the store. Maybe in my next posting, like to talk abt individual tax allowance for 2010 coz im taking malaysian taxation in jun 2010 sitting huhu...